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Pet Dental Month / Quarter

//Pet Dental Month / Quarter

Pet Dental Month / Quarter

March Special Only: 10-20% off non-anesthetic and anesthetic dentals for cats and dogs!

Our first project for 2013 is the extension and expansion of the traditional Veterinary Pet Dental Month, which is held every February. We will be stretching “Pet Dental Month” into “Pet Dental Quarter”, over January, February and March 2013 for the dogs and cats of Boca Raton. In order to help more pets achieve healthy mouths, we are providing general anesthetic dental discounts from 10-25%, depending on the case. Boca Veterinary Clinic will be offering 10% off Non-Anesthetic dentals for the month of march as part of our March Madness Special! Scheduling availability is limited, so please book your dental evaluation soon. The BVC Pet Dental Quarter is aimed at providing more dogs and cats with better oral care, at prices that will make their parents smile!

Labrador with clean teeth after dental cleaning

For selected cases requiring a board – certified veterinary dental specialist, Dr Tiffany Brown is offering FREE consultations for BVC patients, for a limited time, by appointment. Dr Brown’s gentle expertise and her devotion to pet oral care are exemplary, and we are honored to have her skills available to out patients. Dr. Brown is an expert at extremely complicated dental procedures in dogs and cats. This opportunity is not to be missed! A discount of 10-20 per cent will be applied to her specialty cases, during this period, depending on the case.

End of year gifts often include adorable puppies and kittens. This is the gift of years of fun and friendship, but it also carries certain responsibilities. Please make sure that these cute bundles of fluff receive all their necessary vaccinations and parasite treatments/ preventatives. Simple, good care is the key to good health. This includes a healthy diet, and we can discuss the appropriate diet for your pet during their wellness appointments.

Remember, as always, our aim is Happy, Healthy, 4-legged Children!

(updated: 3/4/13 to include March Madness Non-Anesthetic dental special). Boca Veterinary Clinic has partnered with Pet Dental Services, to offer our Non-Anesthetic Dental procedures. Dental procedures are available for dogs and cats.

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