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Walk for Life, Gift of Life 2013

Matching people, pets, and bone marrow! With Valentine’s Day in 2 weeks, most people think of their perfect match as their soul mate, the one with whom they wish to spend the rest of their lives. A different example of a perfect match is the joy that people experience in their pet, their furry [...]

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Pet Dental Month / Quarter

March Special Only: 10-20% off non-anesthetic and anesthetic dentals for cats and dogs! Our first project for 2013 is the extension and expansion of the traditional Veterinary Pet Dental Month, which is held every February. We will be stretching "Pet Dental Month" into "Pet Dental Quarter", over January, February and March 2013 for the [...]

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Pet Emergencies Boca Veterinary Clinic

Emergencies happen. Here at Boca Veterinary Clinic, we have specific protocols in place to help get your pet to the doctor as soon as possible in an emergency situation. Understanding these protocols will help you and our staff to best care for your pet in times of crisis. If your pet has an emergency situation [...]

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Choosing Your Veterinarian part 2

Recent advances in medical technology have really raised the standard of care in veterinary patients, and it is important that the veterinarians responsible for your pets care are using these technologies to better their standards of care.  Some examples of these advancements are the integration of ultrasound (sonogram) into everyday veterinary practice and the utilization [...]

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Choosing Your Veterinarian part 1

Need Help finding a Veterinarian? It is all of our wishes here at Boca Veterinary Clinic that your four legged family members have routine and consistent medical care.  Two yearly veterinary visits for vaccines, fecal floatation’s and physical exams for the lifetime of a pet would be just perfect (according to you, us and [...]

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