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Bufo Toad

Bufo toads are the most common outdoor danger for pets. Summer rains can leave our canine companions feeling cooped up and anxious to get back outdoors. These rains also tend to attract dangerous outdoor creatures, and post rain walks can increase the risk of your pet’s exposure. It is important to keep some simple precautions […]

Vomiting Dog & Cat info

Why do cats and dogs vomit or throw up?​ There are many reasons why animals vomit.  As veterinarians, we tend to think about the causes of vomiting in two big categories: gastrointestinal causes (related to the intestines) and non-gastrointestinal causes (outside of the intestines).  Some examples of gastrointestinal causes of vomiting are viral inflammation (parvovirus, […]

Urinary Stones Cats & Dogs

Uroliths are commonly referred to as “stones” and can occur in any section of the urinary tract. Bladder or urinary stones are common in both our canine and feline patients. Regardless of specific type, they occur when the urine becomes too concentrated with certain components (precursors like crystals or mucous) and the environmental conditions of […]

Heat Stroke

There are a lot of great things about living in South Florida. The beaches, the sunshine, the outdoor lifestyle, just to name a few. But being a pet owner in this wonderful community also brings its own challenges. The dangers of heat stroke are often under estimated, and the consequences can be life threatening to […]

Seizures in Dogs & Cats

What is a seizure? A seizure is a sudden, large amount electrical activity in the brain. What does it look like? This electrical activity appears in many different ways. The most common types of seizures cause an animal to fall to the side, “paddle” their limbs and lose consciousness. The seizure itself is often called […]

Itchy Skin

As the spring months fall to our rear view, frequently our office becomes filled with complaints of paw licking, scratching and head shaking. The warm fall and summer nights, beautiful floral landscapes, that we love here in South Florida can drive our four legged friends into a skin health crisis. Itchy Skin and allergies are […]