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Choosing Your Veterinarian part 1

Need Help finding a Veterinarian?

It is all of our wishes here at Boca Veterinary Clinic that your four legged family members have routine and consistent medical care.  Two yearly veterinary visits for vaccines, fecal floatation’s and physical exams for the lifetime of a pet would be just perfect (according to you, us and your pet!).  But this is life; and sometimes life can get a little messy.  When choosing a veterinarian, it is important to look for things that you’d consider important in routine settings as well as a veterinarian’s ability to manage and monitor advanced medical and surgical diseases. The most important thing when looking for a veterinarian is the relationship you can build with the doctor, because a good relationship with your vet will benefit your pet in every way.
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In the veterinary world, routine care is mainly considered to consist of vaccines, fecal and heartworm testing, deworming, preventative medications and dental care.  Routine veterinary care should be friendly, consistent, readily available and affordable.  Choosing a veterinarian for routine care may not seem to be of the utmost importance at first (hey, your dog is getting its vaccines, right?), but closely consider your interactions with the receptionists and technicians during routine visits.  These people are your first interactions at a veterinary office in an emergency and they are ever-present in situations of long term disease management.  You want to feel welcome and attended to.  Also, analyze your comfort level with the veterinarian and your pet’s interaction with the veterinarian during his or her time in the exam room.  Make sure the veterinarian takes time to answer your questions and provide recommendations for your pet, especially in adult and senior patients where blood work monitoring or dental x-rays and cleaning may become part of the pet’s routine medical care.  Make sure that the hours of operation of your primary veterinary practice are within the window of availability for your own schedule so that you can easily get the routine care that your pet deserves.  If you are watching your budget, make sure to ask the staff to provide you a financial estimate for your routine care.

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