Sick Pet Resources

Bufo Toad

Bufo toads are the most common outdoor danger for pets. Summer rains can leave our canine companions feeling cooped up and anxious to get back outdoors. These rains also tend to attract dangerous outdoor creatures, and post rain walks can increase the risk of your pet’s exposure. It is important to keep some simple precautions […]

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Heat Stroke

There are a lot of great things about living in South Florida. The beaches, the sunshine, the outdoor lifestyle, just to name a few. But being a pet owner in this wonderful community also brings its own challenges. The dangers of heat stroke are often under estimated, and the consequences can be life threatening to

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Itchy Skin

As the spring months fall to our rear view, frequently our office becomes filled with complaints of paw licking, scratching and head shaking. The warm fall and summer nights, beautiful floral landscapes, that we love here in South Florida can drive our four legged friends into a skin health crisis. Itchy Skin and allergies are

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