Boca Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer a large variety of services to our pet patients. We are here for your furry family members from birth and wellness care to those more challenging times. BVC is the place for all your pet’s medical needs. Below is a list of some of our services. Please contact us if you have any questions about your dog or cat’s health.

Medical Services

Routine visits to the vet help keep your four legged friends happy and healthy. They also play a major role in the early identification of medical conditions.

From blood work and radiographs, to more advanced diagnostics. We’ve got resources to identify and treat any of your pet’s medical concerns.

From spays and neuters, to orthopedic procedures. We have the surgical capabilities to fit a wide variety of your pet’s needs.

Dental Care

Oral care is a vital element of your pet’s routine healthcare. With both invasive and noninvasive options, we’ve got your pet’s dental need covered.

Cancer is always a devastating disease in our four legged friends. Let us help your pet with the most up to date treatments customized by our veterinary team.

In a hurry? Our fully stocked pharmacy can directly provide you with the medications you need! Prefer a prescription? Not a problem! Also ask about online delivery.

When you need a getaway, what better place for your pet than in the care of your veterinarian? Ask about our supervised care.


For pets with long term illnesses. We provide extensive medical treatment with our various levels of hospitalized care. Our goal is to get your pet home as soon as possible.


The best quality images help to better evaluate bone and soft tissue conditions of your pet. Digital x-rays also allow for prompt evaluation of an image by a board certified radiologist.

Fast results can save lives and give peace of mind. Our in-house blood analysis provides us with quick answers, allowing us to handle the needs of your pet more efficiently.

This technology allows for structural evaluation of internal organs, along with the capability to obtain diagnosis in many diseases. BVC is one of the few practice have their own ultrasound machines.

Complex Diagnostics

From CTs to MRIs to University Veterinary Reference Labs, your pet’s need for advanced diagnostic testing can easily be taken care of. We do CT’s weekly.

Additional Services

Have a cat that’s overly curious? A dog that’s a known squirrel chaser? Ensure that your pet always returns home by having a microchip placed.

Our cold laser therapy, along with other medical treatments (holistic options too!). Rehab can help control arthritic pain. Rehab can also improve the recovery time after an orthopedic procedure.

A fun, supervised way to allow your pet to burn off some steam! Please ask us for a tour of daycare.


Short coat, long coat, curly coat, or straight coat. We’ve got all your grooming needs covered with our full service pet salon!

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