Do you hate leaving your dog at home while you’re at work all day? Bring them to BVC for a fun play date! The best part about doggie daycare you ask? For an outstandingly affordable price, your dog can play with us while you work. Then go home at the end of the day ready to snuggle up with you and the rest of your family. Our doggie daycare is a great way to let your four legged family member blow off some steam and meet tons of new friends!

We have a handful of wonderful, experienced animal care specialists who will care for your pet while in our daycare facility. They take full responsibility for your beloved pet, and take care of each dog as if it were their own. While your pet is at daycare with us, they can enjoy our wonderful playroom filled with toys, pet cots for relaxing, and a slide! Our animal care specialists rotate different groups through daycare throughout the day. These groups are based on the mannerisms of your pet and are extremely useful in eliminating the possibility of a serious dog fight. Most importantly, your pet’s care is placed as our number 1 priority. They are taken out for multiple walks throughout their stay, and are always offered fresh, cold water to keep them hydrated while they play. Feel free to bring along some snacks, or a lunch for your pet.