Ultrasound image of a dogs kidney.

Digital Ultrasound

At Boca Veterinary Clinic, we offer state of the art technology including ultrasonography. BVC has the latest in ultrasound technology featuring DirectClear from SonoSite. We are able to provide our patients with very high resolution images of their organs. Our experienced veterinarians conduct abdominal ultrasounds daily in both cats and dogs. A board certified radiologist reviews and interprets all ultrasound studies. InstaOn allows us to provide our emergency patients with diagnostic images in seconds thus enabling us to treat your pet faster. Multiple probes allow our veterinarians to get the best possible images from our smallest to largest patients. In emergency situations we can provide patient side care without having to move the pet and stop providing life saving care.

Ultrasonography is a non invasive procedure that uses reflected sound waves to create a picture of the internal organs and other structures. There are no contraindications to having an ultrasound performed. An ultrasound is indicated for a number of clinical symptoms and conditions. Abdominal pain, unexplained vomiting, diarrhea and straining to urinate to name a few. This technology allows structural evaluation of internal organs. Ultrasound guided fine needle aspirates gets cells directly from organs. These cells are then analyzed by a pathologist as a cytology. Together with additional diagnostics this can be extremely helpful in helping to diagnose and provide the best possible care to your pet.

Our Vets have done additional extensive training in conducting pet ultrasounds. Unlike most animal hospitals we own our own machines and do many studies a day.

We sometimes use abdominal ultrasounds to get images of the following organs:

  • Kidneys
  • Liver
  • Spleen
  • Intestines
  • Stomach
  • Lymph-nodes
  • Bladder
  • Adrenal Glands
  • Pancreas


Echo’s or echocardiograms are an ultrasound of the heart. They are part of a comprehensive cardiac evaluation. In our cardiac patients, information gained during an echo can be vital in developing a treatment plan to prolong good quality of life. During an echo we can determine how well the heart and its valves are working. We can measure how much blood is pumping with each beat and trace the flow of the blood. We can look for regurgitation where the valves don’t close allowing blood to flow backwards.

Below is a list of some extra ultrasound services offered at BVC:

  • Pregnancy ultrasound scans. Who doesn’t love puppies?
  • Ultrasound guided urine, tissue and organ sampling.
  • Emergency ultrasonography
  • Guided Cystocentesis. Removing fluid from the body.
  • Free Fluid Checks
  • Fast Scans

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