Choosing a veterinarian part 2


Recent advances in medical technology have really raised the standard of care in veterinary patients, and it is important that the veterinarians responsible for your pets care are using these technologies to better their standards of care.  Some examples of these advancements are the integration of ultrasound (sonogram) into everyday veterinary practice and the utilization of digital radiographs (x-rays) to obtain a written evaluation by a board certified radiologist within less than 60 minutes.  These technological advancements are intricate in the day to day management of lifelong diseases such as diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, renal disease, heart disease and many others.  In house laboratories can make or break outcomes in emergency situations and can give rapid results for the monitoring of serious medical conditions.  A veterinarian’s utilization of board certified specialists in surgery, oncology, internal medicine and other fields is also an important thing to consider when choosing a vet.  Professional relationships between primary and board certified veterinarians often leads to the best care available for your four legged family member and demonstrates a team approach to your pet’s health care that you can trust.

Emergencies Happen

Life sometimes throws wrenches into you plans, and emergency situations are always a pet owner’s worst fear.  It is important as a responsible pet owner to know where the closest 24 hour veterinary care facilities are in relation to your home.  That being said, when trying to plan for these scary situations, picking a veterinarian with extended and weekend hours is the first step.  A veterinary facility with in house blood work, radiographs, state of the art monitoring equipment and ultrasound capabilities is ideal for any emergency situation as these diagnostic tools help to treat your pet and give you more accurate prognosis of your pet’s condition.  Also, a veterinarian that provides you with the opportunity to contact them through email or other means can be helpful to guide you during times of crisis.  Even in their physical absence (like an afterhours emergency), communication with your primary veterinarian during an emergency situation can reassure you and help make an emergency situation a little less stressful.


Here at Boca Veterinary Clinic, we strive to be among the leaders in veterinary care for your pet.  With extended and weekend hours, affordable preventative medical care and a friendly atmosphere, we are here for all of your pet’s routine health care needs.  Our well trained, welcoming veterinarians and advanced diagnostic tools have us prepared to face any challenges that your pet’s health may face.  Our extended and weekend hours with our diagnostic capabilities also allow us to provide you with familiar and trusted veterinary care during life’s emergencies.  Please consider meeting with us during your quest to find the right veterinarian for your pet.  We are confident we can beat your expectations!

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