Dr. Matthew Marquis, Veterinarian

Matthew Marquis Veterinarian at Boca Veterinary Clinic exploring the outdoors.
Dr. Matthew Marquis is a passionate veterinarian whose journey in the field of veterinary medicine has been marked by dedication, diverse experiences, and a deep love for animals. Graduating in 2018 from the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in the Caribbean, Dr. Marquis’ path to becoming a veterinarian was shaped by his upbringing in New Jersey and his early academic pursuits in animal sciences at Rutgers University.

Before venturing into veterinary school, Dr. Marquis embarked on a career in animal care, starting at the Philadelphia Zoo. His time there allowed him to work closely with various species and instilled in him a profound appreciation for the interconnectedness of animal health and the broader ecosystem. Seeking to explore different aspects of the veterinary field, he later transitioned to a research role at Bristol Myers Squibb, where he gained valuable insights into the scientific and pharmaceutical aspects of animal health.

However, Dr. Marquis felt a calling to further his education and skills in veterinary medicine, and his daily encounters with the Ross University admissions office encouraged him to take the plunge. Upon applying and being accepted to Ross University, he immersed himself in the veterinary curriculum, driven by his unwavering passion for animals and healthcare.

Following graduation, Dr. Marquis pursued a small animal rotating internship at the Coral Springs Animal Hospital. It was during this time that he discovered his affinity for emergency medicine, developing both expertise and interest in handling critical cases and providing life-saving interventions. He continued honing his skills in emergency medicine for the next two years, becoming an invaluable asset to the emergency department.

As his journey continued, Dr. Marquis decided to transition to general practice to broaden his scope of care and connect with pet owners on a more regular basis. The combination of his emergency medicine expertise and his proficiency in general practice allowed him to offer comprehensive veterinary care to his patients.

Today, Dr. Marquis proudly serves the community at Boca Veterinary Clinic, where he attends to all of his patients’ needs with dedication and compassion. Beyond his professional life, he continues to nurture his love for exotic animals, and his home is a sanctuary to a delightful assortment of tortoises, dragons, fish, birds, and dogs. Recently, Dr. Marquis and his fiancĂ©e welcomed their first-born daughter into the world, and they cherish family time together, often spending it at the beach or local park.
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