Pet Insurance

Boca Veterinary Clinic recommends our clients and all pet parents consider pet insurance. After significant experience working with different veterinary insurance providers. Wte have found these insurance companies provide our clients with the most comprehensive programs with the least hassle. We encourage our clients to do their own research to determine which providers tailor to their pet’s specific medical needs. Below is a list of some pet carriers  and links to their websites. Please remind Boca Vet Clinic if you have pet insurance and require assistance in claim submissions.


Boca Veterinary Clinic has partnered with Trupanion pet insurance company to offer our clients the amazing benefits of Trupanion’s Claims Express program. This program allows the animal hospital to collect a small percentage of pre-approved charges from the client, at the time of treatment. While, Trupanion reimburses Boca Veterinary Clinic the remaining balance. This exclusive ability allows our patients to receive the best level of veterinary care without the worries of the upfront costs. The Trupanion policy overview states: “Trupanion covers 90% of the actual costs of veterinary care should a pet become sick or injured. This includes diagnostic testing, surgeries, medications, supplements and therapeutic food. Pet owners can choose any veterinarian including emergency veterinary clinics and veterinary specialists.” Boca Veterinary Clinic does not endorse or recommend any pet insurance company. Trupanion express is offered as a convenience to our client because we feel it increases patient care.

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* Boca Veterinary Clinic does not endorse any insurance and makes no guarantees regarding insurance coverage, services, or rates. *

** BVC cannot promise claim form submissions and encourages pet parents to manage the claims process. **

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