Injury Rehab

Injury rehab & physical therapy provided by pawquatics mobile pet rehab.

Injury Rehab

Does your pet have arthritis or back pain? If so, we’ve got a variety of methods to rehabilitate your beloved pet. Our highly trained, experienced doctoral staff can provide you with various treatment options to help your pet get moving again. With both holistic and medicinal treatment options available. Boca Veterinary Clinic has all of your pets rehab needs under one roof.


Boca Vet Clinic has partnered with Pawquatics to offer hydrotherapy services. Hydrotherapy helps get our post orthopedic surgery and injured dogs walking again. It can help speed up the healing process. Hydrotherapy is also a great low impact exercise for our geriatric and overweight dog patients.

Cold Laser

For owners who prefer a more holistic approach to injuries, we provide a cold laser therapy option. The goal of laser therapy is to apply light energy to damaged cells, in hopes of regenerating and increasing the number of healthy cells in the affected area. A cold laser has many benefits and is an extremely safe, and painless, treatment option. There are no side effects or pain. The use of a cold laser in non-invasive, fast, and outrageously simple, for both you and your pet!

In addition to laser therapy, our technicians are trained to perform isolation exercises that help heal the affected areas. In combination, these two therapies have been a great success for many of our patients at Boca Veterinary Clinic.


As part of our therapy options Boca Vet Clinic offers accupunture. Acupuncture has been shown to encourage the body to release it’s own pain relieving substances. Accupunture can also be combined with the rehab options offered at Boca Vet Clinic.
In addition to our holistic therapy options, we also offer a wide variety of joint supplements and other medicinal treatment options. Our fully stocked pharmacy is available to aid in the recovery of your pet. Stop by the clinic today if you have any questions about our injury rehab services!

Please call us and make an appointment today if your pet needs physical rehab at Boca Vet.
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