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Have a cat that’s overly curious? A dog that’s a known squirrel chaser? Make sure your pet can always get home to you with the placement of a microchip!

Dog and cat microchipping is a very quick, painless procedure. The best part about the whole process is that the use of anesthesia is not needed! Therefore, this simple procedure is also very safe in regards to your pet’s health. Much like an identification tattoo used by shelters, a microchip is a small identification device about the size of a grain of rice. This chip is implanted underneath your pet’s skin, and contains a number that is unique to your pet. If your pet is ever lost and brought to us, the identification number is easily obtained with our microchip scanner. With this number, we are able to contact the microchip provider and contact you.

At Boca Veterinary Clinic, we use HomeAgain microchips. Their product is very easy to implant, and has advanced anti-slip technology. Once implanted under the skin of your pet, the anti-slip technology helps the chip from moving around under your pet’s skin. The HomeAgain microchip is also one of the safest implantations used. The implantation happens in one swift step: the chip is located inside of a sterile applicator and inserted under your pet’s skin. No additional tools required, and the entire process is sterile! The scary reality: your pet could get lost at any moment. Wipe out any fear with the implantation of a microchip! Stop by Boca Veterinary Clinic today to talk to our staff about microchipping your four legged family member(s).