X-Ray taken in radiology of a dog's chest.

Digital Radiology

Has your pet ever eaten something they weren’t supposed to (toys, clothing, etc.), or hasn’t seemed like themselves? The use of digital radiograph’s is a major diagnostic tool that can aid in the proper diagnosis of a pet’s condition. Unlike people, your pets don’t have the ability to tell the doctor what is wrong with them. Rather, the doctor must solve these issues with their general exam, and the use of state of the art equipment helps in a proper diagnosis. Digital x-rays allow our doctors to get an inside glimpse at all your pet’s vital organs. With these digital pictures. We are able to identify the presence of possible foreign materials, any enlargement or anything unusual in the organs, or any broken bones. Digital radiographs are also used to ensure that everything in your pet’s body is normal and healthy.

Our digital radiographs are also extremely useful when a board certified specialist is needed. Your pet’s films are electronically submitted to a certified specialist for evaluation. The specialists then send us back their thoughts and suggestions about the films and the presenting complaint. Digital radiographs are also easily e-mailed to our board certified surgeons where surgery is a possibility. And a copy of your pet’s films is easily  burned to a CD for you to keep!

Radiograph’s can also be very helpful when used with lab work. Together they can help us form a more complete picture of your pet’s health and identify diseases sooner.

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Summary of when radiographs are often used:

  • To check if your pet has eating something they shouldn’t have.
  • In coughing dogs or cats.
  • After an accident to check for broken bones or injured organs.
  • In vomiting pets or with upset tummies.
  • In patients acting unusually.
  • When your dog or cat is limping or isn’t acting like normal.
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